Family Offer

Which parents do not want authentic, realistic and vibrant images of their children? Often one parent assumes the role of photographer during holidays or excursions, leaving very few opportunities for pictures of you as a complete family. If you decide on a professional photographer, the expectations placed on the children can be very high. You have paid for the photographer and expect the children to laugh into the camera, behave properly, and above all, sit still for the family photo.

All nonsense;). My philosophy looks more like this: Children need their natural environment to feel comfortable – their own room, the playground next door or the treehouse in the forest. If parents allow their children plenty of freedom during the family shoot, everything will work out perfectly. Which child performs on demand when an unknown man is standing around with a camera? Probably few to none;). A basis of trust between me and the children must also be established here – I believe this is the only way to create the images you desire. 

I am looking forward to your weird grimaces, warm embraces, your family rituals and everything else the children’s world has to offer;).

Family shooting
from CHF 380.-