Do you offer personal preliminary meetings?
Yes, for wedding reportage I always meet with the couple for a non-binding preliminary talk before the final booking. Only this way can we get a sense of whether we make the perfect team for your big day. For portrait, family and business shoots I limit it to a preliminary talk over the phone.

How long is the requested date reserved for us?
Basically, I always meet with the couple very soon after the request. If I receive another request for the same date before the final booking, I always apply the ‘first come, first serve’ rule. You will be contacted by me if another couple is interested in the date.

When is our desired date fixed?
If you have decided after the preliminary talk that you would like me to photograph your big day, I will send you an order confirmation for your signature. As soon as I have received it back from you, including the deposit (only for wedding reportage of 8 hours or more), the booking is fixed.

Can we do a shoot with you before the wedding day?
Absolutely. Many couples use the engagement shoot for the invitation cards or the wedding homepage. I personally think a pre-shoot is very important because you get to know what it feels like to be in front of the camera. For wedding reportage of 12 hours or more I will give you the engagement shoot as a gift.

How much are your travel expenses?
My portrait, family and business shoots all include travel 40 kilometres from Bern. For wedding reportage of 8 hours or more, 100 kilometres are included. Each additional kilometre will be charged at CHF 0.80. For weddings abroad or longer journeys, a lump sum is charged. Price on request.

We will not get married in Switzerland – is this a problem for you?
Not at all. I love to travel to other countries and work with people from different cultures. I love discovering the world and taking pictures in unconventional locations. As long as you love each other, everything is perfect for me. Take me wherever you want, I am looking forward to your destination wedding;).

Do you also accompany same-sex couples?
But of course! Whether man&woman, man&man, woman&woman or woman&man;) – as long as the chemistry between us is right, nothing stands in the way of the shared ‘journey’. LOVE IS LOVE…

Can we view an entire wedding reportage of yours?
Most gladly. This is the only way you can get an overall picture of my working style, from the preparations to the party. On the wedding day itself I don’t have a fixed shooting plan, I simply record what is happening – real, unembellished and authentic. Pure storytelling;).

How do you accompany us on our wedding day?
I love the suspense and anticipation in the morning during the preparations. Enjoy your day and savour every single moment. With much attention to detail I record everything that happens. No posed pictures, no forced ‘smile for the camera’. I think of my approach to the wedding day as a tightrope walk – I cater to you and your guests, yet always with a certain sensitivity. I don’t want to be the centre of attention, but I also don’t want to be the quiet little mouse in the corner. Once the guests feel that I am part of your party, my goal has been achieved. With my humorous nature, I like to interact closely with the guests and I prefer to be right in the middle of the party rather than just on the side.

How many pictures will we receive from our wedding/shoot?
The rule of thumb is about 60 processed pictures per hour. In order to capture the emotions, I shoot exclusively in continuous (burst) mode. This means that I can easily create 5000 pictures during a full-day reportage. From these I then select the best images to deliver a series of photographs that accurately reflects your day from A to Z.

How long do we have to wait to receive our pictures?
For shoots of up to 2 hours I deliver the pictures within three weeks. The processing time for wedding reportage is between four and eight weeks. In summer it’s eight weeks and in winter it’s four weeks.

Will we also receive an online gallery for the guests?
For all wedding reportage (incl. civil weddings) I create a password-protected online gallery for you and your guests. I will send you the link incl. password as soon as the pictures are ready.

When do you expect payment?
For fun, I always say pay if you like the pictures;). With me you always pay shortly before or shortly after the delivery of the processed pictures. For wedding reportage of 8 hours or more, I request a pro-rata advance payment.

Do you also create albums?
I love to. For all bridal couples (reportage from 10 hours), I offer a 10% discount on the wedding album. After you have received your pictures, you can select your favourite ones (ideally about 100 pictures) directly in the online gallery. I will then create an album draft with your selection, which you can customise further with Cloud Proofing. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Do you do photography full-time?
I can count myself among the lucky people who are able to make their hobby their profession. In the beginning, I developed my photography together with my full-time job and in 2017 I founded the sole proprietorship ‘cramarts photography by Marc Lüthi’. Nowadays it’s not easy to give up a secure job. But if you dedicate yourself fully and completely to your passion, this can be the biggest reward.

Are you married yourself?
Yes, I am. After 11 years of an exhilarating relationship, we said YES to each other in 2015. And believe me, nothing has changed significantly since then. Except that my wonderful wife now has the same name as me;) and we have an infinite number of amazing memories from our wedding in our hearts. And the love continues to grow bigger each day.