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‘Right in the middle of it instead of on the sidelines’

True emotions only arise when you let your feelings run wild. Listening to your favourite music (www.nynavoice.ch) and indulging in the most beautiful memories, laughing heartily with your loved ones or simply letting the tears flow – it is these most intimate moments that I would like to capture in photographs to create an authentic and profound picture sequence of your wedding.

I am looking forward to creating these pictures for you to treasure forever. The ‘one perfect picture’ is not the focus for me on your day, but rather accurately embodying you as a couple or as an individual.

I am married myself and have personally experienced these magical wedding moments, so I can promise you my full compassion, support and gratitude.

Warmest, Marc

Are you ready to share your perfect wedding with me;)?

‘Passionate photographer and storyteller’

Daily report
from CHF 2’950.-

Civil wedding
from CHF 950.-